Beyond Parking

Included in our many parking services are a full range of alternative transportation solutions that have been proven effective in companies nationwide. These solutions address insufficient parking, traffic congestion, access issues, and air quality concerns. They also improve the efficiency and profitability of parking facilities.

In addition, we provide private development alternatives for the financing, development, construction and ownership of new parking facilities. We can also minimize your company’s exposure to loss by looking at each critical component within your business and suggesting best practices to minimize risk.

Among our parking and planning, commuter programs and public/private partnerships are such services as:

  • Shuttle Services
  • Charging Stations, partnering with ChargePointe
  • The Bike Spot branded bike parking area with bike racks, fix it stations, benches and bike lockers
  • Car Sharing programs, partnering with ZipCar

Lanier Parking Solutions Headquarters

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