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Lanier Parking Solutions.
Designing, Building and Financing.

Lanier Parking Solutions provides private development alternatives for the financing, development, construction and ownership of new parking facilities. Lanier’s financial structuring background has led to some of the most creative privatized and joint venture financial solutions in the industry. Lanier has extensive public-private and privatized joint venture development experience with a range of projects, including structured parking, specialty medical facilities, office buildings, mixed-use facilities, student housing, transit stations, and minor league baseball stadium development.

Our clients share common goals when seeking a private development approach to project development – to move strategic projects forward while preserving capital/debt capacity and the opportunity for project ownership without capital investment.

Through a privatized development structure, Lanier can provide project funding solutions that enable you to achieve your vision in less time, remove the development and construction risk, and ultimately provide the client with complete ownership of the proposed facility. 

Our approach:

  • Limits the amount of capital investment in the project.

  • Limits project debt and funding ramifications on the client’s balance sheet.

  • Eliminates or minimizes development, construction and financing risk.

  • Shortens timetable for development.

  • Client retains ownership and control of the project land.

  • Client has control over development scope and project delivery.

Lanier Parking Solutions Headquarters

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