Municipalities, On-Street Transportation Management

Today’s public sector environment demands total accountability.  In governance, as with public parking contracts, accountability has expanded beyond the basic definition of the term. It is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for policies, actions, decisions, products and services, including the implementation of, and administration encompassing reporting, explaining and being answerable for all outcomes and consequences. This ever-increasing level of public scrutiny and stakeholder involvement requires more than just tactics of Parking Management 101.

At Lanier, we embrace accountability, not only in our operations, but to our clients’ stakeholders and parking populations; visitor, resident and employee. We understand that a government contract is more than simply the outsourcing of a vendor service; it is an implied arm (or extension) of a government body. Hence, the entire basis of our approach is founded on the premise of working with public agencies and their stakeholders to forge transparent, proactive, efficient, sustainable and accountable “public parking partnerships.”

Our Expertise

Our diverse operations encompass a vast geography and multiple service offerings in world-class cities across the country. We are experts in off-street parking facility and lot management, on-street meter collections, counting and reconciliation, enforcement, special events, convention centers, facility maintenance, adjudication and citation processing, towing, booting and the application of cutting-edge technologies, including, but not limited to: automation, license plate recognition, pay-on-foot, pay-in-lane, pay-by-plate, pay-by-space and pay-by-cell platforms, command center services, handheld enforcement devices, and other cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance our public sector parking operations.

Parking Equipment Financing

Lanier executives keep up with the latest trends in parking technology. Unlike most parking companies, Lanier is capable of purchasing and financing this technology in large quantities to increase your city’s bottom line, without creating a financial burden for the municipality!

Parking Equipment Installation and Maintenance

Lanier is committed to bringing your city the most practical and innovative parking management technology to date. We are prepared to handle the installation of new/used parking equipment, including multi-space parking meters, pay and display machines, single-space parking meters, park-by-phone and more. Through proven and dedicated measures, we will reduce parking equipment downtime, and strive to repair or replace equipment within one hour of a reported malfunction.

On-Street Parking Enforcement, Citation Processing, Appeals/Adjudication, and Noticing

Lanier clients have continued to contract with Lanier because of our customer-friendly approach to the enforcement of on-street parking regulations. Lanier tracks the disposition history of every citation issued. We also institute non-biased appeals and adjudication programs for our customers to contest a parking citation.

On-Street Revenue Collections

Lanier has a reputation for establishing safe and secure on-street revenue collection procedures. Placing a strong emphasis on cash control and shrinkage safeguards, our employees undergo rigorous training in auditing and collection techniques, and we provide a “security camera-monitored” room for counting and deposit preparation.

Ambassador Related Services

Lanier views itself as a value-added member of every community in which we operate and serve. Lanier takes pride in our ability to adapt and take on new responsibilities that yield a return greater than any dollar collected as well as customer and client satisfaction. Lanier has put into practice the following value-added services:

  • On-the-spot change ($) to customers and merchants
  • On-the-spot motor vehicle assistance
  • On-the-spot maps/directions to area landmarks and attractions
  • On-the-spot parking equipment maintenance
  • On-the-spot sanitation assistance
  • On-the-spot traffic/emergency assistance
  • Park-by-phone with merchant validation

Comprehensive Analysis and Consulting Services

Lanier has several executives on staff who can thoroughly review your city’s existing parking plan and prepare a strategy that best suits your city’s goals and objectives. We have managed nearly every parking/transportation scenario a city has faced and have designed effective solutions to produce positive results.

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