• Finding Lanier's Story

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 19, 2014

     by Mark Morris Alan Shelton has asked some of you for your stories tied to Lanier’s heritage. I’ve asked others for their stories. Several of you have sent us your stories. Truth be told, we know that while writing out your stories, you were wondering, “What are these guys doing?” Why are these stories important? I’m a visual person, and a movie buff, so I compare the process to a storyboard for a movie. Filmmakers use a storyboard to graphically present the story that they want to tell before they shoot the movie. They lay out the story scene by scene, and then use this storyboard to get inv...

  • Welcome to MARKETING UPDATES – News You Can Use Today!

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    I look forward to building the Lanier brand with all of you. Our brand will grow stronger if we all share in the responsibility for promoting and protecting it. This blog will keep you updated on where things stand with our marketing efforts, and answer some of your burning questions, including: *  When can I start using the new logo? *  Can you tell me about our new signage package? *  How do I go about ordering Lanier-branded promo items? *  When are we going to get some new marketing slicks? *  What’s our story? discussed by Alan Shelton at our Leadership Summit. You cannot leave ...

  • When Can I Start Using the New Logo?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    How many of you have had this conversation with me? -- YOU: Hey Andrea, can you send me a copy of our new logo? ME:  No, but tell me how you’d like to use it and I’ll either ask that you keep using our existing logo, or I’ll help you create the materials you need with the new logo. We purposely redesigned the new logo so that it can peacefully coexist with our existing logo -- the Lanier green color is the same, and the Lanier "skyscraper" emblem remains. For instance, it would be too costly to replace all of our existing signage, so we wanted to make sure that any new signage, with the new lo...

  • Can You Tell Me About Our New Signage Package?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    Lanier is rolling out a new signage package--As you open new locations, remember to put “New Signage” on your “To Do” list. You may continue using current signs at your locations, but as you need new signs, please talk to me…and although I will help you even if you wait until the last minute, please try to give me a bit of lead-time. Our signage is being completely redesigned to reinforce the Lanier brand. The redesign is more extensive than simply dropping in a new logo. Please send any requests for new signs to me. You will still be able to print the signs with your preferred local vend...

  • Lanier Does a Happy Dance

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 21, 2014

    Lanier Parking employees were recently asked to dance outside the lines to Pharrell's hit song, "Happy," capturing the footage on their smartphones. With the promise of a prize for the most creative video, and undeniable bragging rights, teams in Atlanta, Richmond, Knoxville, Orlando, and Kansas City rose to the challenge. Kansas City took the prize, with a performance that showcased their sense of humor and dance moves while drawing the local community into the fun.

  • Attack on Transportation Demand Management off the mark

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 24, 2014

    A parking operations designer based in New Zealand, Kevin Warwood, took Transportation Demand Management (TDM) to task for supposedly requiring parking systems to operate badly on purpose. TDM asserts that through smart public policy, there can be a more equitable and efficient overall transportation system. It does not suppose any of the things that Warwood claims.  TDM recognizes that parking is one component of a larger transportation system. Polices that affect one system affect all systems. For example, zoning that requires developers to build x number of parking spaces (i.e. parking mini...

  • Hitchhiking for the 21st Century

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 08, 2014

    What type of evil thoughts does the word hitchhiking conjure up? For many, it includes scary strangers, creepy weirdoes, and gruesome news stories. Of course, this is the hitchhiking of a generation ago when someone would stick their thumb out and throw caution to the wind. Today, hitchhiking is beginning to look very different. It includes smart phone apps, profiles, and feedback. No longer are the people entering into a hitchhiking agreement complete strangers. They are “trusted strangers,” says Jenny O’Brien, who has developed technology that allows people to share the ride. On the heels of...

  • Pedestrian Countdown Clock Not a Reason to Hit the Gas

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jul 02, 2014

    Interesting story on NPR about those pedestrian crosswalk countdown clocks. They apparently cause more crashes at safe intersections, because some drivers see three seconds remaining as a warning to slow down, while others see them as a reason to speed up and beat the clock. That leads to rear-end collisions. If there's good news, it's that the clocks reduce the number of pedestrian accidents. You can read the entire story here.

  • Drive your EV to work, leave fully charged

    Posted in Beyond Parking on May 27, 2014

    Electric vehicle owners have more opportunities to recharge with they work. We're seeing momentum toward installing more and faster EV charging stations in office parking garages. The multi-use community Atlantic Station, where Lanier has managed parking since 2005, added 10 more EV stations on Friday. READ THE STORY

  • Ride Your Bike to Work Friday… If You Can

    Posted in Beyond Parking on May 15, 2014

    Friday is National Bike to Work Day, started by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956. It has gained more traction in recent years as major cities become more bike friendly. How does your city rank?  Our local NPR station ran a story today about Atlanta’s efforts to become more bike friendly.

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