• Cities Threatening to Curb Taxi Alternatives

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 25, 2014

    As an Atlanta LYFT user, I have been closely following the most recent legal battles in cities throughout the United States to regulate Transportation Network Companies (TNCs). If you are not already aware of TNC’s, they are taxi like services where customers use phone apps to request a ride from local residents in their own personal vehicles. Drivers are employees of the respective TNC, and all fares are handled online (no money changes hands). The rub is that TNC’s directly compete with local taxi services and cab companies that are highly regulated, unlike TNC’s.  The question is whether or...

  • Lanier Parking Announces Equity Investment to Fund Growth Strategy

    Posted in Lanier in the Headlines on Mar 10, 2014

    Lanier Parking Solutions announced today it had closed on an equity investment from Antarctica Capital that will enable Lanier to accelerate its acquisition growth plans and expand its services in a broader geographic area. Read the full story  

  • Real Estate Resurgence Smarter Than Last Boom

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 07, 2014

    Today's cover story in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about the city’s new real estate boom is good news on top of good news. It seems the deep recession put a healthy end to Atlanta’s massive sprawl, and now that cranes are moving again, they're in much smarter places. “Instead of bulldozing trees for the latest suburban office park, [developers] are looking for apartment sites on Peachtree, transit-oriented developments near MARTA, and adaptive reuse projects such as Ponce City Market, a former Sears [store].” The rebound is focusing heavily on younger workers who want to work closer to wher...

  • Sustainability and Profitability, Living Together in Harmony

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 03, 2014

    Apple CEO Tim Cook got a lot of attention on Friday for standing by the company’s support of environmentally sustainable business practices. At Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, a representative of a conservative think tank that owns a chunk of Apple stock urged Cook to focus on how being green affects the bottom line. Cook impatiently replied that shareholders who care only about profitability “should get out of this stock.”  We need this type of corporate courage to show that environmentally sound business practices can be a part of a company’s brand, often increasing the company’s appeal ...

  • 10 Cities that Got it Right on Sustainable Building

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 18, 2014

    As a certified LEED® Green Associate, I am particularly interested in which regions and cities are building more sustainable real estate projects. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its LEED Top 10 list for 2013 today, and Illinois has taken over the top spot, jumping from fifth place the previous year. The list ranks cities by the amount of square footage of LEED certified projects compared with the population. Rounding out the top five are Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York and California tied for fifth. Created in 1993, the U.S. Green Building Council promotes sus...

  • Is Your Car Spying On You?

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 12, 2014

    Remember KITT from the 80’s show Knight Rider? KITT was a super computer-driven Pontiac Trans-Am that served its master Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) to help him fight crime. Fast forward to 2014, and almost every car that comes off the assembly line is equipped with what would be deemed a super computer by 1982 standards. In addition to regulating your engine’s vitals, the computers contain an event data recorder known as a “black box” that is monitoring your every move. In September, these recorders become mandatory.  The black boxes collect information such as direction, speed, and seat...

  • Feds Giving Car Sharing a Test Drive

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 07, 2013

    The federal government is looking at replacing its massive fleet of vehicles with a car-sharing vendor. It’s an interesting development for the car sharing model, which went mainstream when Hertz-Avis bought Zipcar early this year. You may recall Lanier Parking Solutions brought Flexcar (later bought by Zipcar) to the Atlanta market in 2007. The General Services Administration is now planning pilot projects in D.C., Boston, New York, and Chicago. Read Emily Badger’s piece about what the GSA is up to.

  • Transportation Management Associations: Collaborating for Efficiency and Rationality

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 04, 2013

    Here is my piece that ran yesterday on the Green Parking Council's site. It's about how TMAs are encouraging sustainable developments. The most sustainable parking space is the one we never have to build or manage.  So Green Garage Certification smartly awards points for participation in organizations that generate more efficient use of existing transportation resources, including parking. READ MORE

  • Millennials Forgo Material Things for Shared Experiences

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Aug 22, 2013

    The baby boomers have defined their generation with their individual experience (i.e. single family home and single occupancy vehicle). A generation later, the Millennials seem to be turning this idea of ownership on its head and are embracing the shared experience (i.e. renting housing downtown and car sharing). Noah Nelson explores this generation shift in “Why Millennial’s Are Ditching Cars and Redefining Ownership.” "As we've talked to consumers in this age group about how they feel about owning the car, the car companies kind of think about this as, 'Well, that's sort of a silly question ...

  • Slower Traffic Accelerates Downtown Economy

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Aug 16, 2013

    What is more valuable to Main Street, moving as much vehicular traffic through as fast as possible or allowing bicyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles to coexist  at a slower pace? This is the question that Hamburg, New York faced several years ago when the state DOT proposed adding lanes downtown.  Instead of widening the road, the community chose to slow traffic down by employing several traffic calming techniques, and now the town is flourishing. “In fact, all of Hamburg’s Main Street was redesigned to slow vehicles, a technique known as traffic calming. Two lanes, instead of the three that h...

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