• Plug-In Electric Webinar a Success

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Apr 29, 2011

    I want to thank everyone who participated in our first ever Lanier webinar. More than 20 people from a dozen cities across the U.S. took part. The topic, Plug-In Electric Vehicles, could not have been more timely with over 1,000,000 electric vehicle slated to hit the streets by 2015, which means that 2,000,000 charging station need to be installed by then.I also want to thank our speaker Don Francis, Executive Director Clean Cities Atlanta for taking the time to join us. Here is a copy of the presentation.Here are two other excellent resources:Utility Industry National Plug In Vehicle Initiati...

  • Zipcar IPO Draws Huge Attention in the Financial World

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Apr 14, 2011

    Congratulations to Zipcar on its successful IPO. Zipcar, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIP), the "wheels when you want them" company with which Lanier partnered to bring to Atlanta in 2007, raised over $174 million in its initial offering, 31 percent more than they sought.Check out the article here.Carsharing companies declined to enter the Atlanta market until Lanier Parking Solutions struck a deal with Flexcar, which Zipcar acquired in 2008. Lanier provided access to its more than 100,000 Atlanta parking spaces for the placement of cars in high-profile locations. It also promoted Zipcar and offered discount...

  • Plug-In Electric Vehicles Webinar 4/27

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Apr 13, 2011

    Lanier Parking Solutions will hold our first ever Webinar on "Plug-In Electric Vehicles" on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, from 10:00-Noon EDT. If you have not heard, plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) are coming. You know about hybrids such as hybrid-electric Toyota Prius, but they were just the first step in a long evolution toward virtually emission free, high mile-per-gallon or gasoline-free vehicles. REGISTER FOR THE FREE WEBINARThe next frontier is the PEV electric-powered car. This year, dozens of PEV's will start to appear in automobile dealership showrooms and rental car fleets throughout t...

  • Car free for three months

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 24, 2011

    It's nearly three months since I went car free, so I'd like to report on several observations (good and bad) from my experience. GOOD: I really enjoy my commute, which includes a 15-minute walk to MARTA and a 15-minute train ride. That half hour feels more like 10 minutes. When I drove to work, it took about 10 minutes but felt like 30. I think my alternative commute feels shorter because of how fast I travel. When I walk, I travel at a speed that allows me to experience more things (birds, trees, cars, retail). When I drive, I travel at a speed that only allows me to experience other c...

  • Moving Beyond the Automobile

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 07, 2011

    Streetfilms, known for "documenting livable streets worldwide," has begun a ten-part video series called Moving Beyond the Automobile that focuses on non-automobile transportation in cities across the U.S. The films highlight a movement away from the auto as a primary source of transportation to other modes.The available films include transit oriented development, carsharing, bicycling, with traffic calming, bus rapid transit. Others will follow. All of these ideas are practical and realistic and are becoming more acceptable as gas prices rise and cities look for ways to relieve congestion at ...

  • Parking Management: A Contribution Toward Livable Cities

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 25, 2011

    WOW!!!! I just came across this excellent parking management resource called Parking Management: A Contribution Towards Livable Cities released by GTZ's Sustainable Urban Transportation Project. You can download it here or read a summary here.The booklet is written by Tom Rye, Professor of Transportation & Mobility Management at Edinburgh Napier University. It is a fantastic resource, chock full of policy management options and case studies to match. It focuses on developing countries, but many of its lessons can be applied across the globe."The message is that parking is a vital urban and tra...

  • Snow Piles Should Inspire Road Designers

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 11, 2011

    I have often argued that the design of a road or intersection has more to do with bad driving behavior (i.e. speeding, fast turning) than the skill of the drivers themselves. It's hard to fault a driver who speeds through an intersection with a wide, sweeping turn radius. I mean, that is what the design is asking the driver to do. As a result, it is up to planners and engineers to get educated about traffic calming techniques, such as neckdowns or curb extensions that slow traffic down. Check out the following video that illustrates how snow has created safer crossings where planners and en...

  • Bike Lanes and Sidewalks Caught in Pork Battle

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 01, 2011

    The reauthorization of the next surface transportation bill is starting to heat up as the new congress gets back to business. The Senate recently held a hearing to discuss the bill, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has committed to getting it passed.The legislation has the long, winding name "The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users." That's SAFETEA-LU for short. It's a funding and authorization bill that governs U.S. federal surface transportation spending. President Bush signed it into law in August 2005. It expired in September 2009. Co...

  • How a snow storm affects an auto-free commute

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 13, 2011

    For a guy who gave up his car at the beginning of the year, the snow and ice that has shut down Atlanta this entire week was a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because getting in a car means taking your life in your hands. Unlike cities that get lots of snow every winter, Atlanta simply isn't equipped to scrape and salt even the major roads.It was a curse because the walk to MARTA today in 18 degree temperatures on icy sidewalks was treacherous. Bus service was shut down for two days, and is gradually ramping back up. The rail lines are running with moderate delays. My commute has taken...

  • My New Year's Resolution: Become a One-Car Family

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Dec 23, 2010

    Ever since I spent a month without my car as part of Zipcar's Low-Car Diet promotion, I have been seriously contemplating getting rid of my car altogether. Well, my New Year's resolution for 2011 is that I am going car free, sort of. I am selling my car, and we (my wife and child) will become a one-car family. This is both exhilarating and scary at the same time.Exhilarating because of the possibilities:walking moregetting more exercisespontaneous interactionbiking moreseeing something interesting on MARTAlistening to more music (I do not have a car stereo)helping the environmentshowing my dau...

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