• Holiday Transportation Video Fun

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Dec 09, 2010

    Some fun transportation videos for the holidays.

  • Worthy Folks Walk Off with Golden Shoe Awards

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 11, 2010

    The 11th Annual Golden Shoe Awards were held last night at Dahlberg Alumni Hall at Georgia State University, and I want to thank PEDS as well as all of the winners. Maria Saporta, an iconic local journalist, emceed the event along with PEDS President Sally Flocks. Together, they bestowed the highest Pedestrian honor to seven organization/individuals:Pedestrian Friendly Research Atlanta Regional Commission, Claudette DillardPedestrian Friendly Research Atlanta Regional Commission, Talya TrudellPedestrian Friendly Journalism WXIA-TV Commuter Dude J...

  • The Art of Sprawl

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 08, 2010

    The next time you fly into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, look down on the suburban landscape. The rows after rows of homogenized housing clear cut out of the landscape are mesmerizing. I have often wished I had a camera handy so I could take a picture. Well, artist Christoph Gielen has done just that.He took his camera 6,000 to 10,000 feet above the suburban landscape to capture images of how suburbanites live. Gielen wants his images to not only intrigue, but to make people think about where and how they live.Check it out in "America's suburban sprawl elevated to ariel art" by Ma...

  • Atlanta Streetcar wins funding

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 19, 2010

    The effort launched by Lanier Parking Solutions to return the electric streetcar to Atlanta is a go. U.S. Congressman John Lewis announced this week that the U.S. DOT has agreed to grant the City of Atlanta $47 million to help build a streetcar line connecting the convention district, downtown hotels, and major tourist spots. It’s the culmination of seven years of work that began with Lanier’s founding of Atlanta Streetcar, Inc. in 2003. This is the first step toward Lanier's vision of a complete streetcar system linking downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. The streetcar will spur econom...

  • Week 3 of my life without a car (and with less MARTA)

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 01, 2010

    I am entering the third week of my low car diet and feeling pretty good about it, even with the dramatic service changes that MARTA (Atlanta's public transit system) made last week. If you have not heard, due to financial constraints on September 25 MARTA discontinued nearly 40% of its bus service, reduced frequencies for the rail service and shut down ride stores, bathrooms, and other amenities. The bus I sometimes used (it came once every hour) from Grant Park to the King Memorial Station was eliminated. Now, no matter what, I have to walk the 3/4 miles to and from the MARTA station each day...

  • Week 1 of my life without a car

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 20, 2010

    The first week of my Zipcar® Low Car Diet has come to an end, and so far, it has been quite a rewarding challenge. I have logged numerous miles via transit (bus and rail), pedestrian and carpool. MARTA has been the true champion as its Route 16 has twice come in handy: when I needed to get home from Emory University, and when I went from home to the Carter Center.My feet have also carried me a long way. I have walked to bus stops, MARTA stations, home and even dinner. I must have logged more than 10 miles on foot alone.Finally, I have to give props to all my colleagues and friends who have ...

  • Giving up the auto fix

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 14, 2010

    Well, today is the first day of my new diet, the "Low Car Diet," sponsored by Zipcar, the carsharing service. I pledged to give up my vehicle for 30 days and find other ways to meet my transportation needs.I have been a Zipcar member (formerly Flexcar) since Lanier brought it to Atlanta four years ago. Until now, however, my personal car has been my primary mode of transportation, especially during the week. It seems when you have a car, you drive it, even if other options are available. It is like having a big piece of chocolate cake placed in front of you after every meal. You just eat it...

  • The Most Dangerous Pedestrian Cities in the World

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 08, 2010

    What are the most dangerous cities in the world to walk in?

  • You think you have it bad

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Aug 26, 2010

    When I was a kid and I did not finish my vegetables, my parents would always remind me of the poor children starving in other parts of the world. Well now, parents who have children who complain about how long it takes to drive somewhere can say, "You are lucky you are not a child stranded in the 60+ mile traffic jam in China."It appears China's new love affair with the auto combined with truck traffic has resulted in a 10-day traffic jam that may span into September. The WSJ reports that businesses popped up along the route to take advantage of the captive audience, and law enforcement was ou...

  • The Economics of Paid Parking

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Aug 16, 2010

    Here at Lanier, it is no surprise that we support the concept of paid parking. However, that is not only because our business is built on managing paid parking operations. Placing a monetary value on the availability of parking is also good for the environment, congestion and urban planning.A recent article by Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University, makes the economic case for more paid parking."Is this a serious economic issue? In fact, it is a classic tale of how subsidies, use restrictions, and price controls can steer an economy in wrong directions. Car owners may...

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