• Introducing Lanier Event and Executive Solutions

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 29, 2009

    I don't toot Lanier's horn often enough on this blog, but it has added some new services which I think drivers and non-drivers alike can enjoy. Lanier Parking Solutions now offers valet, shuttle, and luxury transportation to private consumers. These new services are invitations not only to park with Lanier, but to think of Lanier Parking Solutions for all of your transportation logistical needs. For information, see an on-site Lanier manager or call Ben Epstein at 770-880-7681.Lanier Event Solutions delivers access to metro Atlanta’s best valet teams and special event parking management. Ou...

  • The Economics of Transportation

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Oct 12, 2009

    Last Thursday, I saw Kenneth A. Small, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of California, Irvine and Author of "The Economics of Urban Transportation" speak at the Public Affairs Forum hosted by the Federal Reserve of Atlanta. Mr. Small spoke about how congestion is imposing a heavy cost on urban economies and how the economic solution of congestion pricing will be the most effective in solving the problem.Congestion pricing is a simple theory that puts a price on congestion paid by the people who contribute to it. Congestion pricing uses off-peak toll disc...

  • Online game lets you solve traffic gridlock

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 02, 2009

    How many times have you sat in traffic and thought, "If they just synchronized the traffic lights, all this congestion would go away."Well, a new game called "Gridlock Busters" from the University of Minnesota, Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, allows players to do just that.You can test your mettle in processing vehicular traffic through a network of intersections. As you begin at the bottom rungs of a city traffic department, you're encouraged and coached by a senior traffic group member to take on more challenging conditions as you climb the bureaucratic ladder.If on your watch...

  • Where Do All the "Clunkers" Go

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Aug 07, 2009

    With all the discussion about Cash for Clunkers, I was wondering if anyone stopped to think about where all those "Clunkers" go once traded in to the dealers. No one would buy them to drive.As it turns out, auto wreckers, junkyards and recyclers are getting a badly needed injection from the stimulus plan. Check out this recent article from the LA Times.Clunkers provide a bonanza for Southland junkyards

  • We should ask our grandparents how to address our traffic problems

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jul 08, 2009

    The longer I work in urban design and transportation planning, the more I realize how much the past has to teach us about how to reduce congestion and improve our quality of life today. New Urbanism is not really new at all, since it takes urban design principles from a hundred or so years ago and brings them back to life. These principles have lead us back to more walkable communities and successful businesses.The modern day Streetcar is certainly not a new idea but one that reaches back some 50 years to move people in a cleaner and more efficient fashion. Streetcars are now being constructed...

  • Amid rising costs, how do subways fare?

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jul 06, 2009

    The local transit agency in Atlanta (MARTA) recently voted to raise fares from $1.75 to $2.00 starting in 2010. That is likely to cause howls since the economy is already hitting riders hard. But how does the new fare compare with other systems around the country? And how well in general does the Atlanta subway, well, fare? To start, Atlanta is one of only eleven cities in the United States that has heavy rail service, which is admirable. Of course the trend in the last decade has been toward light rail. As for the number of stations and lines, it does not even compare to San Francisco's BART ...

  • Traffic Unwrapped

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jun 05, 2009

    The Atlanta TDM community worked to create a photo sequence of the impact that commute options could have on traffic. These images have proven to be a powerful visual tool. Here’s the link to a multimedia file (with audio) on the Clean Air Campaign website: “Traffic Unwrapped”

  • Savannah Streetcar makes headlines, so why not Atlanta?

    Posted in Beyond Parking on May 13, 2009

    As you may remember in 2004, Lanier Parking Solutions launched an effort to return electric streetcars to Atlanta's Peachtree Street. Lanier led an effort to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform a feasibility study, which found a Peachtree streetcar would reduce traffic congestion and spur high quality development in the corridor. In 2006, Lanier handed off the project to the Atlanta mayor's Peachtree Corridor Task Force (later the Peachtree Corridor Partnership), which made the streetcar the centerpiece of an overall transformation of Peachtree. Now we just need the funding.While...

  • Hug and a Helmet

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Apr 30, 2009

    Check out this video where Danish police officers stop cyclists en route who are not wearing the proper safety gear to offer a hug and a helmet.

  • Parking Deck Blows in the Wind

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Apr 07, 2009

    I saw Ned Kahn speak at SCAD last night and was totally blown away (pardon the pun) by his work. Ned is an environmental artist and sculptor from Northern California who has completed ambitious public artworks for private and public organizations, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with architects and engineers across the U.S. and Europe.Kahn won a MacArthur Foundation "genius award" in 2003 and the National Design Award for environmental design in 2005. Below is a video of a piece Ned did in Charlotte, NC where he covered the facade of a parking garage with 80,000 small aluminum pane...

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