• Carpooling in the 21st Century

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 09, 2009

    I was recently thinking about carpooling and how it has evolved over the past decade or two. Carpooling used to be something you could only do in person. You had to know someone (co-worker, neighborhood or family member) who happen to be going in the same direction.Then came ridematch databases that matched people within a certain employer or area. Sure, you did not know the person, but you could take comfort in that they were like-minded and employed.Today, you can arrange carpooling online at and These services allow for all types of trips (...

  • Transit oriented developments may create fewer car trips than thought

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 17, 2009

    Opponents of high-density, transit-oriented developments (TODs), often claim they create more of a traffic problem than they solve. But new research shows the number of trips they create is often exaggerated by as much as 50%.First, a little background. Transportation planners struggle with how to reliably predict the number of net vehicle and person trips generated by new or infill mixed-use development such as TODs. Since the old model has relied primarily on single-use, free-standing sites, it is very difficult to make predictions with any certainty. Add to the mix internal capture rates, a...

  • GDOT fantasy threatens to scuttle BeltLine reality

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 02, 2009

    There they go again, flexing their muscle instead of their brains. GDOT has built roads in the same fashion for the past 100 years in Georgia, and now they are bringing the tactic to alternative transportation. It appears GDOT wants to grab a piece of the BeltLine for their commuter rail/high speed rail fantasy with no regard to the City of Atlanta and their plans for the Beltline.Jay Bookman writes in the AJC that the DOT does not have a good record of following through on its commuter rail plans.For example, an environmental assessment of a downtown multimodal station was completed back in 1...

  • President Obama vows new focus on transit

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 20, 2009

    On this historic day, a reminder of President Obama's stated positions on energy efficient public transportation. Greater Incentives for Public Transit Usage: The federal tax code rewards driving to work by allowing employers to provide parking benefits of $205 per month tax free to their employees. The tax code provides employers with commuting benefits for transit, carpooling or vanpooling capped at $105 per month. This gives drivers a nearly 2:1 advantage over transit users. Obama and Biden will reform the tax code to ma...

  • Zipcar chief on CNBC

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 16, 2009

    Zipcar Chief Executive Scott Griffith appeared on CNBC this week to explain why "cars on demand" makes sense for people who live in cities and don't need a car all the time. points out that Zipcar is not only for transit-oriented cities like New York. It is exceeding expectations here in Atlanta, where Lanier Parking Solutions is Zipcar's joint-venture partner, having brought the concept to the city in 2006.You can get a discount on a Zipcar membership by applying through

  • Stimulus plan must include bike lanes and sidewalks

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 14, 2009

    With President-elect Barack Obama about to take the oath of office, there is a lot of anticipation in the transportation community about his economic stimulus package. Mr. Obama has clearly indicated that transportation infrastructure will be a critical component of any stimulus plan. Local governments have been sharpening their pencils and putting together their wish lists for quick, easily implemented, "shovel ready" projects. Although roads and bridges are traditionally first on the list, there has been a new emphasis on transit. I strongly suggest taking it even further to consider bike la...

  • Is the gas tax too high or too low?

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Jan 06, 2009

    In today’s AJC, conservative columnist Jim Wooten suggests phasing out the 18.5-cent federal gas tax and letting states decide which projects to fund. Taxing authority should be returned to the states. State officials, and notCongress, should be making decisions about what projects are built where. Thefirst money should be spent on improving major transportation corridors.That is the exact opposite of what “Hot, Flat, and Crowded” author Thomas L. Friedman says we need if we are going to tackle our clean energy needs, which are directly tied to how we get around.Producing new energy, or ...

  • Rental car company entering hourly car-sharing market

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Dec 04, 2008

    Further proof the Zipcar model works. The Wall Street Journal reports Hertz Corp. is launching an hourly rental car service in New York, London, Paris and Park Ridge, New Jersey.Zipcar Chief Executive Scott Griffith says the news is "a complete validation of the large-scale potential of the category."We at Lanier Parking Solutions brought Zipcar to Atlanta because we were able to see its potential in a market that traditionally wouldn’t fit the car sharing model (i.e. lower density and higher car ownership rates).Our joint venture partnership with Zipcar in Atlanta is the perfect marriage of...

  • Get Involved

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 21, 2008

    There are many organziations working in Atlanta every day to acheive real change in our transportation system. Here are three that have had an enormous impact with limited resouces.PEDSCitizens for Progressive TransitAtlanta Bicycle CampaignI strongly encourage everyone who is interested in making Altanta 's transportation system world class to check out their websites and get involved.

  • Pulling Zipcars from a Pez dispenser

    Posted in Beyond Parking on Nov 18, 2008

    Check out the Zipcar parking structure that a Boston architecture firm has designed. Modeled after the PEZ candy dispenser, it saves space and reduces parking costs, making Zipcar a viable alternative.It's a perfect model for Zipcar, since it doesn't matter which car you get. You just take the next one in the stack.(Photos courtesy of Moskow Architects)

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