• Electric Car Charging at my Condo, Who Pays?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Mar 13, 2018

    We can all agree that electric vehicles (EVs’) are not just a passing fad, but are here to stay. Innovative vehicles, like Tesla, have motivated buyers far beyond their environmental and economic benefits. In fact, sales are up an average of 35% year over year on electric vehicles, and up to 40% of manufacturer’s vehicle models are now electric. The question is, should we implement EV charging in our residential community? Owners purchase electric vehicles and then ask community associations how to charge them. If you manage a residential community or reside on the board of directors of on...

  • Congratulations to Sam Coppage and Andrew Tedrick

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Jan 06, 2017

    To properly keep up with the increased volume of business and to ensure we maintain the same quality service for our clients, we are pleased to announce two changes in the organization effective immediately. Sam Coppage will assume the newly created role of Director of Operations and Logistics-Southeast. Sam will play a critical role in improved facility management and operating strategies for our properties. He will coordinate capital improvement budget and planning, as well as assisting management with upkeep and maintenance projects for our facilities. Sam will remain a vital s...

  • NEW - Lanier Sign Form and Process

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Jan 28, 2015

    If you've opened a new location recently you've probably spoken with me about new signage. Lanier is working with a talented graphic designer, Craig Simon, who specializes in parking garage design. With over 30 years experience and expertise designing sign systems for the parking industry, Craig, and Simon Design, Inc. can provide coordinated, meaningful and cohesive custom sign system design that will aesthetically and functionally enhance your next parking facility signage project. Please contact me if you have any new signage projects. Chances are, I will refer you directly to Craig for as...

  • What's New in Sales Support and Marketing?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Jan 23, 2015

    [caption id="attachment_2002" align="alignleft" width="750"] National Support Center Holiday Party, December 2014[/caption] Sales Support has a new team member – Alexandra Maslaney. Ali joined the team in December as a Sales Support Specialist with a focus on writing content for proposals. Please join us in welcoming Ali to the Sales Support group! She is a quick study and is already a valued member of our team. Along with Brendan, our RFP guru, she reports to Lane who project manages the proposal process and spearheads proformas. In addition to guiding the team on proposal strategy, An...

  • Finding Lanier's Story

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 19, 2014

     by Mark Morris Alan Shelton has asked some of you for your stories tied to Lanier’s heritage. I’ve asked others for their stories. Several of you have sent us your stories. Truth be told, we know that while writing out your stories, you were wondering, “What are these guys doing?” Why are these stories important? I’m a visual person, and a movie buff, so I compare the process to a storyboard for a movie. Filmmakers use a storyboard to graphically present the story that they want to tell before they shoot the movie. They lay out the story scene by scene, and then use this storyboard...

  • Welcome to MARKETING UPDATES – News You Can Use Today!

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    I look forward to building the Lanier brand with all of you. Our brand will grow stronger if we all share in the responsibility for promoting and protecting it. This blog will keep you updated on where things stand with our marketing efforts, and answer some of your burning questions, including: *  When can I start using the new logo? *  Can you tell me about our new signage package? *  How do I go about ordering Lanier-branded promo items? *  When are we going to get some new marketing slicks? *  What’s our story? discussed by Alan Shelton at our Leadership Summit. You cannot...

  • When Can I Start Using the New Logo?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    How many of you have had this conversation with me? -- YOU: Hey Andrea, can you send me a copy of our new logo? ME:  No, but tell me how you’d like to use it and I’ll either ask that you keep using our existing logo, or I’ll help you create the materials you need with the new logo. We purposely redesigned the new logo so that it can peacefully coexist with our existing logo -- the Lanier green color is the same, and the Lanier "skyscraper" emblem remains. For instance, it would be too costly to replace all of our existing signage, so we wanted to make sure that any new signage, with the...

  • Can You Tell Me About Our New Signage Package?

    Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

    Lanier is rolling out a new signage package--As you open new locations, remember to put “New Signage” on your “To Do” list. You may continue using current signs at your locations, but as you need new signs, please talk to me…and although I will help you even if you wait until the last minute, please try to give me a bit of lead-time. Our signage is being completely redesigned to reinforce the Lanier brand. The redesign is more extensive than simply dropping in a new logo. Please send any requests for new signs to me. You will still be able to print the signs with your preferred ...

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