Citizens Insider: Shameka Gross

This Citizens Insider is about a kind act from Shameka Gross.

This past Easter, Shameka Gross, our Valet Cashier at The Ritz-Carlton was standing at the valet desk when a little girl named Jenna greeted Shameka. Jenna came out with her father for a morning outing. Right away Shameka started to connect with Jenna and they began to talk about Easter and how much they loved bunny rabbits. During the conversation Shameka noticed that Jenna was wearing hearing aids, Jenna shared with Shameka that she had them since she was 9 months old, that she used to be really embarrassed by them.

However, Jenna told Shameka that having hearing aids made her special and very unique and that not everyone is chosen to have them. Jenna’s spirit and her openness to share her story with Shameka made Shameka feel the need to go above and beyond. Shameka worked with a few of the Ritz Carlton staff to put together a fun little activity and invited her to an Easter egg hunt! Jenna’s father was present and smiling the entire time!

The note from Shameka to Jenna stated, “You are very beautiful and unique. Hearing aids give you super powers, Jenna the Magnificent Hearing Hero!”

This is another wonderful story of our employees going above and beyond to build a lasting connection with the customers we serve.

Thank you for everything you do Shameka Gross!

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Posted on Apr 11, 2018

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