Citizen's Insider: Spotlight on Johnny Dunn, Regional Manager, GA-TN-AL

Citizen’s Insider: Spotlight on Johnny Dunn, Regional Manager, GA-TN-AL

To say that Johnny Dunn has mastered the art of networking would be an understatement. After graduating from the Cobb County Regional Police Academy in 1976, Johnny was stationed as an officer at Six Flags where he was awarded officer of the year, and would manage the Six Flags security team for 25 years. Lanier Parking recognized Johnny’s gift of customer service and invited him to join the Lanier family in 2002.

Johnny brought with him an impressive list of members from his network, many of who are now leaders at Lanier. It is easy to see that Lanier would be unrecognizable as the company it is today had it not been for the influence of Johnny Dunn and the key people he brought with him. One of those individuals was Sandra Kiser; “He’s never met a stranger! He is a mentor and teacher at heart, and he doesn’t let you struggle - he helps people all along the way.” Other members of Johnny’s network that he brought with him to Lanier were Steven Taff, Derek Kline, Patrick Mauer, and Joan Walley to name a few. Many more of his team at the Wellstar Kennestone and Cobb properties are from Johnny Dunn’s early days in security.

Johnny’s team is focused on customer service and a drive to grow business. “Clients are supportive because of our customer service. Two grew to four. Four grew to eight, and now we have 18 properties (Johnny’s region) across Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.” Johnny Dunn is a connector - he believes in people and relationships. “A big part of my job is to network with all of our clients. Really they are friends to me, more than clients. You have to manage that relationship because all of them are different.”

Johnny Dunn, from the entire Lanier family, thank you for everything! Exceptional people. Exceptional service.

Posted in Citizens Insider on Dec 19, 2016

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