Driving Success: CODA

Lanier is proud to announce our newest win: CODA, a first-of-its kind, Class T office building in Midtown Atlanta’s Tech Square. With construction wrapping up soon, CODA will serve as the core of collaboration and innovation in the square. Developed to foster interactions between Fortune 500 institutions, start-ups, and the university community, CODA features everything from research facilities to restaurant and retail amenities, a high-speed tech computing data center, and community lounging spaces.

The CODA parking services will be comprised of a 24/7 operation, utilizing remote monitoring and automated self-parking controls. This deal was made possible thanks to our proven track record of providing sustainable and advanced technological parking solutions. We are thrilled to expand upon our existing relationship with the property manager, Portman Holdings, with this innovative development.

Congratulations, Lanier!


Posted on Jan 29, 2019

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