Finding Lanier's Story

 by Mark Morris Alan Shelton has asked some of you for your stories tied to Lanier’s heritage. I’ve asked others for their stories. Several of you have sent us your stories. Truth be told, we know that while writing out your stories, you were wondering, “What are these guys doing?” Why are these stories important? I’m a visual person, and a movie buff, so I compare the process to a storyboard for a movie. Filmmakers use a storyboard to graphically present the story that they want to tell before they shoot the movie. They lay out the story scene by scene, and then use this storyboard to get investors to invest in the movie. Once they get the capital needed to make the film, they use the storyboard to show everyone involved in shooting their vision for the film. They show everyone where they fit within the story: the actors know where to move and what they should be doing, the camera operators know where to stand, lighting people know where to spread the light, and so on. So when we ask for stories, we are creating the Lanier storyboard. Additionally, we want to help you find where your story fits onto that storyboard. We are at the forefront of the story movement. There are a few organizations that have embraced this approach. These include Nike, Vans, Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Boeing. However, there has never been a national parking management company to develop and leverage their unique storyboard. If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! This is exciting stuff! For a better explanation of our vision, click this link to a blog post written by Alan on the Globalish Institute website:

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Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 19, 2014

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