GDOT fantasy threatens to scuttle BeltLine reality

There they go again, flexing their muscle instead of their brains. GDOT has built roads in the same fashion for the past 100 years in Georgia, and now they are bringing the tactic to alternative transportation. It appears GDOT wants to grab a piece of the BeltLine for their commuter rail/high speed rail fantasy with no regard to the City of Atlanta and their plans for the Beltline.

Jay Bookman writes in the AJC that the DOT does not have a good record of following through on its commuter rail plans.

For example, an environmental assessment of a downtown multimodal station was completed back in 1995, the same year DOT completed its so-called “Commuter Rail Plan Final Report.” But nothing has happened to make those plans real.
In fact, an $87 million federal appropriation for commuter rail between Atlanta and Lovejoy has been sitting untouched for more than five years, awaiting matching money from the state that has never come.
If only GDOT's ambitions for alternative transportation were the same as for building roads, hen we might have a world class transportation system in no time.

Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 02, 2009

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