How Much Parking Do We Really Need, and What Should it Cost?

Did you know it costs five times as much per space to build a parking garage as it does a surface lot? It's seven times as much to build parking underground. And yet, many of us still believe we are entitled to free and available parking.

Why do our public policies still require even our new, walkable, mixed-use developments to devote a fourth of the property for parking? Can't office and residential components share?

These are some of the relevant issues presented in a four-part video series produced for the San Francisco Bay Area's Metropolitan Commission (MTC). "Smart Parking" sets out to change perceptions about how much parking we really need.

It's worth a look.

Introduction to Parking

Minimum Parking Requirements

Parking Structures

Parking Management from a Systems Perspective

Posted in Beyond Parking on Sep 22, 2012

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