Lanier Assists with Atlanta Police Department, Santa Cop

Lanier Parking in association with the Atlanta Police Department will provide shuttles for the motorcade for the Christmas Kids Event.

December 13, 2016 (Atlanta, GA) – Lanier Parking, a Citizen’s Parking company, for the 10th year will provide Detective Ken Allen, President of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, of the Atlanta Police Department Union, Lanier Parking shuttles. The shuttles will be a part of the motorcade that will carry 55, underprivileged children to Hard Rock Café to have a breakfast of rock stars. After breakfast the motorcade will return the children to Target at Atlantic Station, where the children will enjoy a bit of Christmas shopping on behalf of Detective Allen’s Atlanta Police Department team.

The children will ride the Lanier shuttles with Detective Allen’s Atlanta Police Department team headed to the Hard Rock Café, where they will be served a full buffet breakfast. After breakfast, the motorcade will escort the children to Atlantic Station where the children will be given a gift card from Detective Allen and his team to enjoy shopping.

Posted in Beyond Parking on Dec 14, 2016

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