Major Cities Racing to Be the Most Bike Friendly

Over the past decade, we have heard a lot about America's transportation infrastructure and how it is in dire need of repair. We have also heard that we cannot even begin to afford to fix it. Some studies put the price tag near a trillion dollars, and that doesn't include new roads and bridges.

Yet during this same period, we have seen a remarkable jump in spending on bicycle infrastructure. Cities are vying to be the next bike-friendly city. New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and many more are all in a race to be the next great cycling city. Atlanta recently put $2.5 million dollars in the 2013 budget for bike infrastructure, something they have never done before.

Could we be in the midst of a major transportation shift similar to when cities replaced horses with the automobile? If so, how will this affect the built environment? Here are a few articles that will make you think about the future of transportation in a whole new light.

Viva la Revolution Why design bicycle cities? How will office buildings adapt to more cycling?

Posted in Beyond Parking on Mar 15, 2013

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