Networked Chargers Bring Convenience and Reliability to Electric Vehicle Commuting

As Lanier's VP of Alternative Transportation, I'm always looking for ways to encourage commute alternatives. Encouraging people to drive an electric vehicle to work certainly qualifies. Yesterday, we dedicated three EV charging stations in a garage at our Atlanta headquarters.

This marks the entry of ChargePoint, owner of the world's largest electric vehicle network, into the Atlanta market. This is news because these are Atlanta's first networked, searchable EV stations, and this is a market-based initiative, not a government-subsidized experiment.

Lanier facilitated the placement of six ChargePoint EV charging stations in Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. We are offering this amenity to current and prospective clients as well.

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Making EV charging convenient and affordable is key to the widespread adoption of EVs in the near term. These new chargers enable EV owners to drive to work, park up close, and leave work fully charged.

Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 12, 2013

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