NEW - Lanier Sign Form and Process

If you've opened a new location recently you've probably spoken with me about new signage. Lanier is working with a talented graphic designer, Craig Simon, who specializes in parking garage design. With over 30 years experience and expertise designing sign systems for the parking industry, Craig, and Simon Design, Inc. can provide coordinated, meaningful and cohesive custom sign system design that will aesthetically and functionally enhance your next parking facility signage project. Please contact me if you have any new signage projects. Chances are, I will refer you directly to Craig for assistance. If you've already been working with Craig then go ahead and contact him directly. Please use the new, Lanier Sign Order Form, which you can find on LISA in the Marketing folder. The form is in a Library labeled "Signage." If you can't find it then just email me or Craig and we will email it to you. Before Craig begins work on any project, he will need a location or overhead code, and a base code (base code will usually be 5305 for Sales and Marketing) so that we know who will pay the design costs. You will still be producing your signs locally with your preferred vendor - Craig will provide the artwork files and can answer any questions your signage vendor might have. As we build a catalog of generic Lanier signs, such as the sign shown on this post, we will be posting the artwork on LISA so that you can download the artwork and produce signs as needed. Any signs that are co-branded with a client logo will need to go through Craig. Please let me know if you have any questions. I welcome your feedback.

Posted in Marketing Updates on Jan 28, 2015

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