Part of the Gas Tax Should Pay for Alternative Transportation

There is an ongoing debate in this country about how to pay for our transportation infrastructure and who should pay what? Many people assume that non-drivers (bus and transit riders) do not pay their fare share and that drivers do, through fuel taxes. There is new evidence to the contrary. In a Planetizen blog post this week, Todd Lipman of the Victoria Transportation Institute points to U.S. government stats that show user fees cover a shrinking portion of the costs of roads, about half as of 2007. The rest includes non-user fees and bonds. Once you factor in the other costs of vehicular travel that everyone bears, such as air pollution, delays, accidents, etc., non-drivers are subsidizing everyone else by an average such a$267 each year.

Lipman's point is that a portion of the fuel tax should be used to support commute alternatives, since the use of other modes of transportation benefit everyone, including car drivers.


Check out the article here and let me know what you think.

Who Should Pay for Transportation Infrastructure? What is Fair?

Posted in Beyond Parking on May 02, 2013

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