The Lanier Vision: Atlanta Leadership Summit

Before I joined Lanier Parking, I perceived the company as a well-managed organization with strong foundations and a great team. Since joining, I am aware that today's Lanier is about so much more. The company is a collection of awesome human beings who just happen to be parking professionals. As such, Lanier's collective voice is ultimately an inspiring collage of 2,000 personal stories, each one a valuable part of our company’s growing brand. 

This is not a PR stunt, fad or cliché -- It is real. You may have noticed some new faces walking around our offices in Atlanta, visiting other cities in the field for the past year, and talking to our people. They ask questions, want to learn about individuals, and enthusiastically engage in topics that have less to do with parking and a lot more to do with the person. You may have heard that last year several hundred people were asked to come to Atlanta to attend seminars and conferences to talk guessed it, people’s well being and the value of quality relationships. This doesn't sound like a parking company, does it? Good, that's our hope! 

A company is not a machine; it is made up of individuals and it moves in the same direction that the collective movement of those people take it. I am elated to be here today as part of this movement and invite you to join me on a journey that is something unlike the parking industry has ever seen. 

This week, we will welcome 80 people from the Lanier team to our Leadership Summit in Atlanta. We have been working very hard to prepare for three intense days that will be informative, thought provoking, and fun. 

During the Summit, we will even offer a new experience that we’re calling the “story booth.” This booth is set up so that we can listen to and discover our team’s most inspiring individual stories. Through these stories we will continue to define the Lanier brand in a way where each employee’s story is part of the whole. 

This is a very exciting time at Lanier and the beginning of a fantastic journey towards building the most unique parking company in the industry. I invite you to keep an eye on our new social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and to participate in writing Lanier’s next chapter.

Posted in Beyond Parking on Feb 23, 2015

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