TransportationCamp Tackles Mobility Issue with Unique Format

This Saturday night, TransportationCamp South comes to Atlanta, allowing participants to delve into the issue of transportation in a unique way, through an "unconference." Unlike a traditional conference where speakers talk and participants listen, the unconference "provides an opportunity for every attendee to be a participant in shaping and leading the event."

I cannot say I have ever been to one of these unconferences, but I am certainly intrigued on two levels. First, the initiative aims to harness the talents of multidisciplinary teams such as developers, designers, journalists, project leaders, entrepreneurs, and motivated citizens. Second, the initiative uses the power of technology (“web 2.0”, mobile computing, open source software, open data and APIs, and spatial analysis) to address mobility issues that were once thought impossible.

If you do not live in Atlanta, don't fret. These Transportation Camps are occurring all over the country. In addition, these unconfereces are also occurring on all sorts of topics. Note: sometimes they are called Hackathons. If you are still confused and want more information check out these links: What is a Transportation Camp?; What is a Hackathon?; What is Open Source Data?; What is an Unconference?

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