When Can I Start Using the New Logo?

How many of you have had this conversation with me? -- 1418041987_42_EmoticonsHDcomYOU: Hey Andrea, can you send me a copy of our new logo? ME:  No, but tell me how you’d like to use it and I’ll either ask that you keep using our existing logo, or I’ll help you create the materials you need with the new logo. We purposely redesigned the new logo so that it can peacefully coexist with our existing logo -- the Lanier green color is the same, and the Lanier "skyscraper" emblem remains. For instance, it would be too costly to replace all of our existing signage, so we wanted to make sure that any new signage, with the new logo on it, will look good sitting next to old signage with our existing logo. The new logo will be rolled out slowly and systematically to ensure brand integrity. Please keep using the existing logo until you hear otherwise, with several exceptions:  Signage, Uniforms, and Promo Items – please contact me for assistance with any new orders or requests for these items.

Posted in Marketing Updates on Dec 08, 2014

Lanier Parking Solutions Headquarters

A Citizens Company

  • 2600 Harris Tower
  • 233 Peachtree Street, NE
  • Atlanta, GA 30303
  • Phone: 404-881-6076
  • Fax: 404-881-6077